About Buggy Bagg

It all began in 1999 with a little baby chewing on the handles of grocery shopping carts, and a grandmother that wanted nothing but the best for that little baby.

Shirley Rogers and her daughter searched for something to keep the baby from chewing on the handles, but there was nothing at that time that met their needs. Shirley sought out to design the perfect shopping cart seat cover. Her primary goal was to make it in such a way that it gives the mom the ability to easily install the seat cover with one hand while holding her baby in the other.

6 months and over $500 worth of fabrics later, she did just that. Buggy Bagg was invented and later on patented.

In February of 2010, Buggy Bagg joined the Blueberry family—which is a worldwide brand known for making modern reusable baby items. With both companies sharing a strong passion for creating quality products and Blueberrys’ vast network of retailers, BuggyBagg is now available to a larger and more diverse audience. Buggy Bagg is a fabulous product and our number one goal is to keep the vision alive that Mrs. Rogers worked so hard to create.

Buggybagg will always have the same features you love, with a little more flair, and always, with a grandmother’s blessing.

The only combination Shopping Cart Seat Cover, Diaper Bag, and Changing Pad