What Mamas are Saying about Buggy Baggs…

  • I researched and researched and found the Buggy Bagg to be the best, and it has proved me RIGHT!

    “This is the best cart cover ever! The picture that I provided was in a [...] shopping cart and those are HUGE carts and it fit and covered the handles and sides. It has loops for toys although it is not shown very well in my picture but that pink teddy bear is hooked into it. You can put her bottles in there also with no spills. Has its own seatbelt which is a big plus. Her body did not come in contact with the cart. The pillow is a very nice addition. Better to nibble at than the cart handle. I am very happy with this product, it is a good buy very good quality. Although I advice to be careful zipping and unzipping, it looks as if you do not want to put any force to them. I would definitely recommend this product to all the mommys and daddys’ babies!”

  • Buggy Bagg is the Porsche of shopping cart covers!

    “Buggybagg is the Porsche of shopping cart covers!!! This is a high-quality, beautiful fabric & quilting, generously padded and loaded with all the necessary features we need like zippered compartments in the back, toy loops, and safety straps. The safety straps are quick and easy to use, two straps to attach onto the shopping itself (one in the back and one in the front between the legs), and one belt buckle for the baby. Gives me such PEACE-OF-MIND knowing my baby will be okay if I step away from the cart briefly."

  • Exceeded my expectations for quality of materials and workmanship.

    “We looked at a lot of covers and we are so glad we ordered this one. My friends have other covers but none of them are even close to the quality and versatility of this cover. Most of the other covers are too small to fit all the carts and none are this padded. Exceeded my expectations for quality of materials and workmanship.This cover is wonderful, it is so cushy which is great for our little one who is 6 months old. The included pillow helps prop him up if he gets sleepy. Love the loops that allow us to attach toys. The cover completely covers 360 degrees around the shopping cart or highchair and cushioned velcro attachment for the divider between the legs. The zippered pockets afford plenty of room for diaper changing supplies as well as wallet, phone and keys; no need to bring diaper bag. Handles allow the cover to be carried as a tote. The pattern is versatile enough to be used for a girl or boy. This is well worth the money, a must buy for your newly mobile baby.”

  • You can sooooo easily put this onto the shopping cart one-handed.

    “The padding is generously plush and of high quality materials. We all know how bumpy the shopping cart ride can be, and I know that my baby is comfortable sitting in this and has his little pillow to hang onto while he rides. Most importantly though, the coverage is outstanding, even where his leg holes are!!! All those germs, germs, germs and other people’s cooties are kept at bay!! This fits most standard size carts and when well-fitted and installed correctly on the cart, baby doesn’t touch any part of the shopping cart whatsoever. You can sooooo easily put this onto the shopping cart one-handed. All those other shopping cart covers advertise this “one-handed-ness” but this is probably the ONLY ONE I know of that you can actually do it. It folds/rolls into a duffle bag, and all you do is plop it on top of the shopping cart and open it up… soooo easy!!”

  • Try the Buggy Bagg first before any others and you’ll save time, money, and germs!

    “This…is…IMPRESSIVE! I am a 1st time mother of THE biggest, squirmiest 7.5 month old, with the smallest window for naptime. I got this at my local Babies R Us store. It was the only one of its kind (maybe it was returned?) on the shelf so I chose it thinking I’d return it if it didn’t work since the stock was good on the competitors. And I am DEFINITELY glad I did!!!! Used it a few hours later and smiled like I was a kid myself. TRULY…YES, TRULY A ONE HANDED, BABY ON HIP, MISSION TO COMPLETE, NOT PLAYING GAMES must need for you! 1. Covers the entire grocery seat-sides, front, back – ONE HANDED2. Has an attached cushion to use either under, in front, or on side of your LO. – ONE HANDED 3. The back zipper pocket is rather large for those 2 extra diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer cloths, toy or two, and a baggie of cereal. 4. Husband was impressed…impressive in itself. 5. Son was super comfortable so easier to manage. Please take the chance in investing in this product! Try it first before any others and you’ll save time, money, and germs!”